About Us

At ScafWest, we provide scaffolding services for maintenance and capital projects for the mining & resource, defence, infrastructure and building maintenance sectors.

Our services include project design and planning, scaffolding labour, transport and hire. We also provide rigging and trade assistant work.

We understand that our clients want a scaffolding contractor who will design a solution that is fit for purpose, as well as mobilise the right people with the right capabilities to site when they are needed.

It is paramount that all projects are completed safely and efficiently, to budget, and on time.

Our Purpose

To find innovative scaffolding solutions that are efficient, practical, cost effective and best meet our client’s needs.

Our Vision, Mission & Values


Our vision is to provide safe and efficient scaffolding solutions to our clients by utilising innovative design and technology in a cost effective and timely manner with a committed, responsible workforce.


We provide complete, fit for purpose scaffolding solutions in a safe and suitable manner by engaging and inspiring a leading team of individuals to help build the ScafWest vision.


  1. SAFETY: We will constantly strive to provide the safest methods of operation. We will NEVER compromise employees; and or client’s safety for the sake of profit.
  2. INNOVATION: We find unique scaffolding solutions that best meet our client’s value, effectiveness and practicality needs!
  3. RELIABLE: Our customers & team can depend upon us to complete the work as instructed on time.
  4. EFFICIENT: We are well-organised and highly efficient. We strive to deliver our services in the shortest time possible without shortcutting. Our services provide our clients with efficient and practical solutions for their needs.
  5. TRAINING: We provide our team with state-of-the-art training & facilities so we are recognised as leaders in terms of our expertise in our industry.
  6. TEAMWORK: We believe that working together and cooperating as a team can create a rewarding and great workplace.

Our Team

The ScafWest management team include:

Andrew Dunne
General Manager

Tony Cook
Operations Manager

Scott Bird
Projects Manager & Estimator

Andy McFadyen
HSE Officer

Benta Tran
Design Engineer

Dan Rose
Project Manager & Estimator

Hoa Nguyen
Contract & Accounts Manager