Our Approach

Our sole focus is to ensure your scaffolding is fit for purpose, so that you and your team can access it safely and efficiently. We will ensure it is designed and built to specifications within your required timeframe and budget.

ScafWest are able to provide an extremely high level of service at competitive rates due to its high level of scaffold management expertise, our work ready experienced team and robust internal systems and processes.

Scaffold Management Expertise

Your relationship is with our senior management team.

It’s our experienced senior people, each with many years scaffolding experience, who will take the time to understand your needs, work on the best way to manage it and more importantly, preside over the efficient & timely delivery.

You’ll draw on their significant scaffolding experience working on a wide variety of projects from complex shutdowns to defence projects, complex infrastructure access solutions and ongoing maintenance works.

They are great communicators, easy to work with, accessible, responsive and will strive to ensure you achieve the most desirable outcomes.

We will plan and design a tailor-made scaffolding solution, oversee its execution, and continue to project manage any scaffolding needs throughout the various stages of your project until it is finalised.

Our team will ensure your project is delivered on time and on budget, providing you with the highest level of service and ISO accredited, quality workmanship. Read more about our approach here.

Work Ready & Experienced Team

You access our highly skilled, work ready team whenever your business needs them.

Given our thirty-five-year history and the number of successful projects we conduct year in year out, we fortunate to have a very loyal, experienced, and competent team of Project Managers, Supervisors, Leading Hands, and Scaffolders.

An experienced team makes a significant difference to the efficiency, safety, and timeframe of any given project.  We work hard to ensure all our people are well trained, managed, skilled with our plant and equipment and onboarded in line with not only with our culture and standards but our clients as well.

We are skilled at recruiting and onboarding the right new people and integrating them into our team. This enables us to confidently scale up for projects as and when we need to.

Robust Internal Systems & Process

Your team, project and site will utilise and benefit from our robust and efficient internal systems and processes which we continuously strive to improve and update.

Full in-house Capabilities

The ScafWest team can fully supply and project manage all aspects of your scaffolding requirements from start to finish with end to end in-house capabilities. Our services include project design, engineering, planning, scaffolding hire, transport, and scaffolding labour.

Innovative Scaffolding Solutions

We have developed a series of MOSY trucks or Mobile On-Site Yards to ensure our scaffold project management services are able to respond quickly to sudden change and on-site problems.

These MOSY trucks are purpose built to carry a full range of scaffolding supplies and equipment.

Our team can deploy the trucks to site within minutes, allowing us to swiftly manage anything that may happen.

For projects in isolated locations, we can also provide our custom designed Mobile Scaffolding Containers. These 44ft sea containers are easily transportable and are fully stocked with a wide range of scaffolding equipment. They also offer a secure area to store provisions on site.

Why Choose Scafwest

With more than 30 years’ experience, ScafWest has established a proven track record for scaffold project management services on a diverse range of complex projects.

Our team has worked with major WA organisations on key maintenance and capital projects within the defence, mining & resources, infrastructure, off-shore and construction sectors.

Our team members are highly skilled experts who are able plan and design comprehensive solutions, as well as respond to situations on the go. We are committed to providing reliable scaffolding project management services in a safe and efficient manner, priding ourselves on strong communication and always finding ways to improve our processes and systems. See some of our projects here.

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