Our Approach

Our sole focus is to ensure your scaffolding is fit for purpose, so that you and your team can access it safely and efficiently. We will ensure it is designed and built to specifications within your required timeframe and budget.

Three core strengths underpin our ability to achieve this for you.

Management Expertise

Your relationship is with our senior management team.

It’s our experienced senior people, each with over thirty years scaffolding experience, who will take the time to understand your needs, work on the best way to manage it and more importantly, preside over the delivery.

Work Ready & Experienced Team

You access our highly skilled, work ready team when your business needs them.

Given our thirty-five-year history and the number of successful projects we conduct year in year out, we fortunate to have a very loyal, experienced, and competent team of supervisors, leading hands, and scaffolders.

Robust Internal Systems & Process

Your team will utilise our robust and efficient internal systems and processes which we continuously strive to improve and update.

We have implemented a comprehensive 5S Workplace Organisation programme which focuses on ensuring our facilities are operated and maintained to the highest professional standards. Our team carries this organisation mindset in all aspects of their work, from the ScafWest yard to each of our client’s project sites.

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