Infrastructure Scaffolding

ScafWest has a diverse range of experience providing scaffolding services to major infrastructure projects throughout Western Australia.

From train bridges to plants, ports, grain terminals and wheat silos, we have built a reputation for delivering innovative scaffolding solutions with utmost efficiency.

We meticulously plan every detail to ensure your scaffolding is fit for purpose and ensures the safety of all involved. With more than 35 years’ experience, we also can quickly and effectively adapt our plans to sudden changes in circumstances. Our infrastructure scaffolding services include project design and planning, scaffolding labour, transport, hire, rigging and trade assistant work.

Construction Site Scaffolding

Our highly skilled team has a proven track record for supporting the successful completion of various construction projects throughout the Perth metropolitan area.

We can apply our construction site scaffolding services to everything from general building maintenance to the construction of new residential apartments, industrial warehouses, and other multistorey structures.

No matter how large or how complex, we have the infrastructure and expertise to tackle any construction project. Our senior team members each have an in-depth knowledge of construction that enables them to devise solutions from accessibility issues to other common on-site challenges.

Innovative Scaffolding Solutions

At ScafWest, we specialise in designing customised scaffolding solutions for infrastructure projects and construction sites. As each project has unique requirements and specifications, we tailor our services accordingly to ensure we are using the most effective approach.

Our scaffolding management services can be applied to your project from start to finish, commencing with the initial plans and designs. From there, we can oversee the execution of your scaffolding solution and ensure your project is completed to deadline and within your budget.

To allow us to tailor our scaffolding services to each construction and infrastructure project, we have purpose built some of our own equipment, such as our patented FlexiTruss™ system. We have developed this system comprising of 3m, 2m and 1m long truss units that offers maximum versatility to build safe and reliable scaffolding around even the most difficult structures.

To increase our efficiencies, we’ve also designed a racking system to circumvent time consuming tasks such as locating, loading, and unloading equipment.

Why Choose ScafWest

With more than 35 years’ industry experience, ScafWest has developed a reputation as WA’s leading scaffolding contractor.

Our team has been exposed to a variety of construction sites and infrastructure projects over the years and we have continuously delivered time and time again for some of WA’s most established organisations.

Owning and managing all our equipment, means we are always in full control of all planning and costing, allowing us to provide our clients with reliable and cost-effective solutions.

Our workmanship is also ISO Quality accredited, so you can be sure you’re receiving the best possible scaffolding services for your infrastructure or construction project.

Contact ScafWest

If you have an upcoming maintenance or capital project, get in touch with the ScafWest team today and let us help you achieve your project goals.