Scaffolding Project Management

At ScafWest, we specialise in custom, end-to-end scaffolding solutions that will support the successful completion of your project. Each of our senior team members possess more than 20 years’ industry experience and will work closely with you to determine the most effective ways to handle your scaffolding requirements. We will plan and design a tailor-made scaffolding solution, oversee its execution and continue to project manage your scaffolding needs throughout the various stages of your project, until it is finalised. Our team will ensure your project is delivered on time and on budget, providing you with the highest level of service and ISO accredited, quality workmanship.

Full In-House Capabilities

The ScafWest team is able to fully project manage all aspects of your scaffolding requirements from start to finish. Our services include project design and planning, scaffolding hire, transport and scaffolding labour for the full duration of your project or as needed. While we thoroughly prepare for every project, unexpected circumstances can arise. We have developed innovative equipment and efficient processes to allow us to effectively respond to potential challenges. Whether your project is in the heart of the Perth CBD, a remote part of Western Australia or even offshore, we will always have all the resources we need to perform our scaffolding project management services. As we own all of our equipment, we also have complete control of all infrastructure allocations and costings.

Innovative Scaffolding Solutions

We have developed a series of MOSY trucks or Mobile On-Site Yards to ensure our scaffold project management services are able to respond quickly to sudden change and on-site problems. These MOSY trucks are purpose built to carry a full range of scaffolding supplies and equipment. Our team is able to deploy the trucks to site within minutes, allowing us to swiftly manage anything that may happen. For projects in isolated locations, we can also provide our custom designed Mobile Scaffolding Containers. These 44ft sea containers are easily transportable and are fully stocked with a wide range of scaffolding equipment. They also offer a secure area to store provisions on site.

Why Choose ScafWest?

With more than 25 years’ experience, ScafWest has established a proven track record for scaffold project management services on a diverse range of complex projects. Our team has worked with major WA organisations on key maintenance and capital projects within the defence, mining & resources, infrastructure and construction sectors. We are committed to providing reliable scaffolding project management services in an efficient and safe manner. Our team members are highly skilled experts who are able plan and design comprehensive solutions, yet also respond to situations on the go. We pride ourselves on strong communication and constantly finding ways to improve our processes and systems.

Enquire With ScafWest

If you’re operating within one of our specialty industries and have an upcoming project with specific scaffolding requirements, ScafWest is your best option. We’ve developed a reputation as WA’s leading scaffolding contractor based on the quality of our custom solutions and scaffold project management services. Contact us today to discuss the details of your project and see how we can support your outcomes.